Or we could go with “motherfuck that hurts and this isn’t fun any more!”

Or, in medical terms, pelvic instability triggered by pregnancy.  So if you’ve been playing along at home, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor since last July when I royally yanked something the wrong way.  We had, up until last week, apparently gotten my back under control.  But suddenly we’re back behind the curve. 

At the end of my pregnancy with Mini, I had problems with pelvic instability.  Say 35ish weeks or so?  At that point, it was pretty much my pelvis just opening up to let his big ol’ head through.*  But this time it’s hitting much earlier.  Since last Wednesday, I have just had diffuse soreness and the occasional “catch” when I’m climbing the stairs.  I hurt while I’m sitting down, which used to be the position in which my back was comfortable because the force of my body weight was off the spine and onto my pelvis.  Which is exactly why it hurts more there now.  My non-medically-educated guess is that since I was pregnant before, the joints didn’t close up as tightly as they were before I had Mini and so they’ve opened up faster this time around.

Anyway.  There’s about fuck-all that can be done about it.  I have an odd little support brace which is supposed to help hold my SI joints in place, and I’m supposed to go back for another stens treatment in two weeks, but that’s about it.  I have a few exercises that I can do, but kegels and flat leg lifts are not going to do a whole lot.

This is not going to be pleasant.


*Did I ever tell y’all that when I was in labor, the nurse checked me right before I started pushing, and kind of shook her head and said “That’s a big head.”  Yes, I had an episiotomy.  And EVERYONE asked me whether I had a c-section because his head was so perfectly round.


2 thoughts on ““Ouch”

  1. This happened to me around week 20, and I would joke I had old lady hips to go with my old lady eggs. It was my biggest complaint during pregnancy. Sucked big time!Bummer girl!

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