13 weeks

Appt yesterday afternoon.  My bp was 106/something unremarkable, clear urine test.  Baby’s Hb was 150-160, Smaller kept moving around so they couldn’t get a definitive count.  Their scale says I’ve lost a pound, my scale at home says I’ve gained 0-2 depending on the day.  Dr. Said no weight gain wasn’t a problem as long as the baby keeps growing and has a good heartbeat.  Also said my low blood sugar is very common, due to baby taking nutrients as he needs, keep snacks on hand and regular mealtimes.

The “he” in that sentence is wishful thinking, no need to read more into it than that.  It will just be wonderfully convenient if this one is another boy.

Also dropped by the lab for the baseline blood draw for my quad screen.

Just for record-keeping, things that are the same as last time:
Itchy legs
Vivid dreams
Little-to-no weight gain

Things that are different:
Cannot stand taste (or thought) of coffee
No morning sickness
No sore breasts (think due to still nursing Mini)
The whole low blood sugar issue

I’m still squeezing into my regular pants with long sweaters to cover.  Wore mat pants twice so far with shirts to hide.  My waistline is getting to where I won’t be able to hide much longer, but I just don’t feel ready to tell work yet for a few factors.

Anyway.  Nothing much of import, but I want to keep a record for posterity.

2 thoughts on “13 weeks

  1. I lost 5 pounds my first trimester – eventually gained it back, and a few friends. The doc is right – as long as baby stays healthy, weight gain is a non-issue. A friend told me “the baby will take what s/he wants and needs, and YOU will be the one left in trouble”. She was right too. 🙂 As long as your doc is happy with the baby, all is well.

    Only 7ish more weeks until you find out the gender! (if you decide to, and share, that is) Yay!

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