Side note on commenting.

As a side note, I went back and checked my comments from the last few months (yep, I don’t even check comments when I’m not writing).  And I did something that I’ve never done before — I trashed one.  I’ve never stated a comment policy, but it’s this: if I don’t like it, if I think it’s nasty or rude or mean — especially if you have never commented here before — I’ll trash it.  Draconian?  Yes.  Get your own blog.  That’s why they’re free.  I think there is a difference between someone being challenging and someone being ugly.  This one crossed my line, so it’s gone.


One thought on “Side note on commenting.

  1. Yep. Good for you. I trash comments that strike me as nasty all the time. It aint a democracy, folks, it’s MY BLOG.

    Sorry you got a stinker. They suck.

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