One Word

Blogging is a habit — one that I am sadly out of practice in.  I read just about every day, and comment in a few places on a semi-regular basis, but writing …. sigh.  It’s so hard to MAKE the time.  So, to try to get back in the habit, I signed up for Reverb 10.   I signed the commitment, my name is on the list — now I just have to do it. 


When I think about the last year, the word that immediately comes to mind is “hard.”  It was Mini’s first year, and it was hard in that way that all babies’ first years are hard.  Dealing with maternity leave (and no paycheck), then leaving him at daycare, pumping, nights with too little sleep, comforting him through teething and sleep regressions and mental leaps and growth spurts, keeping my marriage somewhere between the rails, and then all the regular life stuff that has to be dealt with, baby or no baby — it’s not an easy time.  A more descriptive word might be “marathon” — long, grueling, but so rewarding to get to the end.

2011 … 2011.  I haven’t thought about 2011 all that much.  Again, immediate thought — “joy.”  But after some time (and a little browsing on etsy) — “begin.”  I feel like I am in a holding pattern in my life; my dissertation is still hanging over my head, my job is in flux.  The things I WANT to do are waiting on the things I HAVE to do.  I’m really not sure right now.  But I will certainly be thinking about it for the next 30 days.


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