August break Day 5

…was a bust.  This is why I always fail at daily posting thingies.  I commit and then get overwhelmed.  But in the spirit of August Break, let’s talk about something else.

How about life as a working mom? I try to stay away from mom-blogging in this space, but I feel sometimes that there are not a lot of baby-post-if writers who talk about balancing life with an infant and going back to work.  Especially those who are also nursing.  So here’s a snapshot of my day at 9 months out:

4:00 am — Mini wakes up for his early-morning nibble.  We move from my bed to the guest room so he won’t wake up with Manly’s alarm in an hour.  Get settled, him latched on side-lying, go back to sleep.

5:06 — Manly’s alarm wakes me up.  I hear him turn it off and get up.  I doze in and out of sleep until he comes to kiss me goodbye.  Back asleep.

6:00 — my alarm.  Get up, build pillow wall around sleeping baby, hit snooze, crawl into my own bed ALONE for seven minutes.

6:07 — fuck it.  Snooze.

6:14 — Really, already?  Shower, begin getting ready.

6:38 — Mini’s sqawking.  Bring him to my bed to nurse. Watch espn at same time, daydreaming of college football season.  God, that means he’s almost 1 already!

6:50 — Mini fell back asleep.  Finish getting dressed, make bottles for daycare, pack both our lunches, feed Gozer.  Wake baby up, get him dressed and in car.

8:05 — baby at daycare.  Sit and play with him for few minutes (separation anxiety hit this one hard a few weeks back). 

8:19 — drive to work.

8:34 — attampt productivity.  Fail. Type blog post on phone.

10:00 — pump milk.

10:20 — actually do productive work

11:15 — heat up leftovers for lunch

12:36 — realize that I am the only senior-level employee in our group actually in the office.  Fuck, I hate having to be the responsible one.

1:09 — pump.

1:30 — decide to leave at 4, screw saving up PTO.

4:00 — see you suckas!  Go to Tarjay on an errand.

4:55 — home.  Milk goes in fridge, realize I need to freeze some (Mini dropped a bottle at daycare recently, so I’m pumping more than he’s actually drinking).

5:02 — settle on couch to nurse short and demanding.

5:23 — change his diaper, redress myself, pack diaper bag, throw makeup in my purse and head to dinner at BIL’s.  Yay! For someone else having to cook for once.

7:30 — attempt to nurse boy before my own dinner is served.  Then juggle feeding him off my own plate and feeding myself at same time.

10:30 — pack overtired, overstimulated baby in carseat.  Two minutes into 30 minute drive, he’s out. 

11:05 — walk into bedroom with baby, stripping off my clothes with one hand.  Nurse baby back to sleep in my bed.  Manly unpacks car and handles Goze.  When he comes to bed, he cuddles boy so I can go brush my teeth. 

11:45 — finally asleep myself.

Substitute “make dinner, wash bottles/load dishwasher, watch dvr’d shows” for “dinner at BIL’s” and you have our normal weeknight.  And if I work late, add a pump session at 5 while Manly gives Mini a bottle at home.

Some days it’s overwhelming, and I cannot wait to get to a year to stop pumping, but somehow we keep all the balls in the air.  It’s actually gotten a lot easier as he gets older and is content to eat food if I’m running late.  So there you go — a “picture” of how it works in our house.


2 thoughts on “August break Day 5

  1. Thanks for sharing…I was just saying, I feel like I never knew what it was like breastfeeding for the first few weeks. Nice to get a peek at life almost a year later, too.

  2. I had forgotten the grimness of pumping at work. It feels relentless but eventually you get to whatever time limit you set yourself and it gets easier.

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