August Break, Day 3 — Redacted

I know, I know.  You actually have to post something before you can redact it, but yesterday’s photo was of Mini mooching lamb stew from Manly and I can’t put that up. 

So let’s talk about my chiropractor appt yesterday instead.  In summary: my lower back is fucked.  Long version, I have a disc that’s wearing, and he wants me to build up my muscles to take the load off the structural elements of my spine.  After a stim and heat treatment, getting the muscles manipulated, and my thoracic spine adjusted, I walked out in more pain than I started with.  I have 2x weekly appts, muscle training exercise to do, and new instructions on how to sit, lift, get in/out of the car, and lay down to sleep.  Christ, I know I just turned 30, but I didn’t expect to fall apart this soon.  And when I go back in two days, we are going to have a serious conversation about painkillers — namely, he better cough up a script if I’m going to hurt this much.


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