2 minute post

I have 2 minutes to breathe while the coffee perks and the boys are upstairs asleep.  So the last few weeks, in a nutshell:

  • 2 month checkup results: Mini got his first round of shots, we both cried.  He was 25.5 in long, and 14 lb 12 oz at 12 weeks (90th percentile and 97th percentile, respectively).  Manly and I also think now that he has inherited the Man’s allergy to adhesives, because he broke out in a rash on each thigh where they put band-aids over his shots.  This makes me very unhappy.
  • I went back to work full time last Monday.  Mini is now attending the daycare at the church* down the street from our house.  Mini appears to be fine, and I have not broken down in a puddle of tears at work yet.  I’m pumping, which is going well so far, and he hasn’t rejected a bottle at daycare yet. 
  • I took a pregnancy test because I had had my first “period” back right before christmas, and nothing showed at the alloted time.  I am NOT pregnant, and from my internet readings, I think I just had a non-ovulatory period when he shifted to sleeping longer at night.  But since he’s still nursing eleventy times a day (it seems like even more now that he misses me at work all day), there’s nothing doing.  I kept wanting to write about this, because I went through the Mal-Wart checkout with the following combination of items: pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins, menstrual pads, and K-Y.  I can’t imagine what the checkout lady thought.
  • I’m trying to remember that everything I read on the internet isn’t true, and that I am NOT a bad mother for having to go back to work, and that my child will NOT be permanently damaged because he got formula before my milk came in, and that if I have to give him more formula and/or solids before he’s six months old will NOT ruin his life forever.  Oh, and that there is no magic switch that flips when he turns six months that suddenly makes it okay for him to try solid foods, so that if we give him something before then because he appears to be developmentally ready for them, it is OKAY.
  • The nursing tanks from Tarjay dot com are rockin’.
  • Baby K’Tan slings are rockin’.   (I may have posted this already, if so, SORRY!  my brain is mush now.  But the slings really are awesome.)
  • I eat approximately a metric ton of food each day, and holy cow those last 5 pregnancy pounds seems to be larger than any other weight ever, because how else could they be affecting my boobs, waist, hips, AND thighs.  Obviously I want to go back to the gym, but how do I fit it in the day with work and keeping the boy fed?
  • I started taking lechithin to help stop the plugged ducts, we’ll see if it works magic like the innernet claims it does.  Dear god, I hope it works because I am SICK of the pain from the plugged ducts.  And while I’m talking about pain, how come everyone swears that the sore nipples go away?  I don’t hurt at all while he’s nursing (until the little *()^*$ chomps down on my nipple — he’s not waiting for teeth to start biting) but holy mother does it hurt when they get touched or rubbed (or snapped with the plastic clasp of my nursing tank as I try to close back up) (or kicked with tiny razor-sharp toenails while I’m trying to change a poopie diaper in the middle of the night while I’m still half-asleep).  Is it just me?  Or does everyone lie about that to new moms to keep them from dumping breastfeeding in the first five minutes?
  • Oh, and I’m signed up for dissertation hours again (cue maniacal laughter here).

and the coffee finished perking like 5 minutes ago, so I really need to head back into the day.  Miss y’all!  Kisses!  Maybe someday I’ll have time to actually read someone else’s post again!**

*Someone remind me eventually to write about how conflicted I am about sending him to a daycare center at a church of the religion that I grew up in and swore I would never go back to.  Existential crisis alert!

**And as I was about to add categories to this post, I realized that yesterday (I think, but I know for SURE it was in the last week) was my 3 YEAR BLOGAVERSARY!!! HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY TO ME!!!  Okay, now really must get coffee and pee while I have the chance.  XOXO — Sharah

5 thoughts on “2 minute post

  1. Have you tried any cool gel pads? The playtex ones are nice. Maybe it’s the pumpng that makes you sore? Do you have adjustable speed or power? Just trying to help!
    Hope your coffee was good. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to see all of you again!

    I’m having the same issue with preschool. I can’t believe I just typed that. Man oh man. The best one locally seems to be in a church, and I’m very uncomfortable with that. I guess that’s partly why I’m dragging my feet. We have to register next month. NEXT MONTH. Eeeek!

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