So we’ve decided…

…that we didn’t actually have a baby.  Instead, Manly and my genetic offspring seems to be a moose, or perhaps a giraffe.

He was 10 weeks old on Thursday.  I just pulled all of the 0-3 month clothing out of the dresser and started doing inventory on the 3-6 month stuff we bought.  Of which, the footed sleepers only have about 1/2″ to an 1″ of growth room.  We’ve returned a half dozen outfits that we were given that he outgrew before I could get the tags off of them.  If my measurements are right, he’s already about 25″  long. 

So much for stocking up on clothes ahead of time.


6 thoughts on “So we’ve decided…

  1. I am right there with you. He is 3 mos 2 weeks (14w) and the 3 mos stuff is in the box for perhaps another miracle to come our way. I tell Angel, we are growing a linebacker!!

  2. We’re having the same issue. DD is 24″ and almost 12lbs…she fits into some 0-3, but mostly 3-6…she loses it in the length.

    They grow too fast.

  3. The clothes are so f*d aren’t they? He’s wearing some 0-3, some 3 (whatever that means, like he’ll be exactly that size at 3 months only), and some 3-6. He’s only 8 weeks!

    Stuff I’m being given now, I’m keeping tags on to either give back, regift, or exchange if they don’t fit. I cna’t predict anything!

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