Last night I was talking with Becky on the phone.  Our conversation was interspersed with me shifting the phone because Mini was having a velcro day where he wanted to be held continuously, and her breaking up fights/pulling kids off of play kitchens/helping the little one get out of the chair.  Finally, at the point where Genevieve was screaming because Braden hit her with a toy and Mini was working himself up because I was not paying attention to him (even though I was carrying him in the calm-the-baby-down-walk-through-the-house), Becky sighed and said,

“Did you ever think that WE would be having this conversation?”

And while I never thought that this would happen, I am so very, very glad that it has.


3 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I’ve had those same moments, where I have to get off the phone cuz Screamy McScreamer is doing something scream-wise. And then I think, wow, I just had to get off the phone because my kid was screaming. How cool is that!

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