Maybe a little more than some of you wanted to know…

Manly and I couldn’t hold out for the whole six-weeks postpartum no-sex thing.  Sorry, but that was just not happening.

We didn’t use birth control — never even thought of it until afterwards.  And even if I had thought about it beforehand, there is nothing in the house.

When I realized it, I had a nanosecond of panic — dear god, what if I get pregnant?

And then I laughed — I’m infertile, remember?

And then I wanted to cry.


4 thoughts on “Maybe a little more than some of you wanted to know…

  1. You almost made it, not sure how long we would last ;), not sure if I ever have to worry about it though. No protection here for over 6 months and nothing, but I knew it would be like this. Congratulations on all your happiness!!

  2. Wow! You are back in the saddle already? Glad you are there!

    With my first (had a major episiotomy) it hurt like hell for a good 5 months. I freaked that sex would never be good again.

    With the second (no episiotomy), I waited 6 weeks because I was afraid it would be the same, but it was just FINE. Thank goodness!

    We didn’t use birth control at all after my first. We knew we wanted another and I thought it would take years. I got pregnant when Emery was 11 months old.

    Now, even though Eve is only 4 mos and I nurse every 3 hours ish, hubby requires not one, but THREE forms of birth control. I never, ever, ever thought we’d be doing that, believe me!

    It’s a strange feeling to go from infertile to knowing it can maybe possibly happen, isn’t it?

  3. I’m sorry that’s so fraught…two out of three times I didn’t make it six weeks (the third I had an episiotomy, which OW…).

    I think you’ve won the prize for “Best News Since I Re-entered The Blogosphere!” I was all “OMG Sharah had sex, got pregnant and had a BABY? Shut UP!”

    Congratulations 🙂

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