He’s here

If you haven’t already heard, the Boy is here with us — he joined our family last Thursday night.  8 lb 3 oz, 20 inches long and absolutely beautiful.

I’ve been trying to piece things together for a real post, but that looks like it’s a while off now.  Cliff notes version, short easy labor (with the epidural which was totally worth it), followed by jaundice, milk coming in latelate, and finally things starting to look like they’ll sort themselves out. 

I’ll be around, and hopefully get to finish up my birth story post which got half-done in the hospital and is now wasting away in my drafts folder. 

Be back as soon as I can!


24 thoughts on “He’s here

  1. Woot woot! So glad to hear things are piecing themselves together in the real world. Take your time getting the birth story to us – you have a Boy to take care of!!

  2. Congratulations! What wonderful news! I’m so glad you are both well and I hope the jaundice and milk issues are totally resolved. I had some of that with Emery and it made for a rough start, but now it’s just a blip in my memory. So glad you have finally arrived with a family of 3! Can’t wait to hear more!

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