No, I haven’t had the baby yet.

Some choice quotes from the other night with my husband’s family:

  • Gramma: Why, you’re not nearly as big as I thought you’d be by now!
  • Aunt: Oh, she’s ready to deliver any day now — just look at her nose!
  • SIL: Let me break it to you, you won’t be getting your belly back any time soon.

Thanks.  Just thanks.

I started having contractions Tuesday afternoon, which freaked me out enough to call Manly and ask him to keep his phone nearby, which freaked him out enough to come home and stay with me even though all I did was go upstairs to take a nap.  Since then I’ve been contracting on and off, randomly.  Some of them are painless Braxton-Hicks, some of them feel more like menstrual cramps but wrapping around to my lower back.  But nothing that suggests that anything real will be happening anytime soon.

Of course this is when Manly’s family decides to come into town.  And his aunts all want to TOUCH me.  Which is something that makes me a little uncomfortable on any given day, but right now totally makes me want to lose my mind.  His entire family is very huggy and wants kisses and to rub my belly.  But I have been feeling very … vulnerable, I guess, is the best description.  My body is not mine anymore, and I’m having to be careful not to run into furniture or hit my stomach when I open doors.  Stairs make me feel like I’m just going to topple over.  Add into that the I’m-due-at-any-moment-and-just-want-to-protect-this-baby-until-he’s-out feeling, and the idea of people who are not Manly or my mother laying hands on me makes me want to curl into a ball and hide in the corner.

And since they’re all leaving this weekend, everyone is telling me I HAVE to have the baby before they go back to NorthernCity. 

Yeah, right.


5 thoughts on “No, I haven’t had the baby yet.

  1. I heard on the LFCA that you’ve had your baby – congratulations! And I will loiter around here for a while hoping to pick up some birthy energy, cause I am right at that vulnerable stage myself. A friend told me on the phone to rub my belly for her, and it made me want to punch her. At least once I have the baby I can tell people not to touch it because of flu season, but that excuse hardly works with my belly.

    Ok, enough rambling and loitering – congratulations once again and best wishes for a smooth transition into life with this little one for you and Manly.

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