37 weeks

Another quickie since I’m supposed to be helping someone else with a project…

  • 37 weeks is considered full-term at their office, and they would not do anything to stop labor at this point
  • 3+ cm dialated (almost 4)
  • 25% effaced
  • -2 station
  • negative for group b strep
  • blood pressure 114/64
  • no weight gain since last visit (up total of 24 lb at this point)
  • baby’s heart beat 154 bpm
  • quote, “If I was a betting man, I’d bet that you won’t make it til next week’s appointment.”  Sharah’s note: remember, this is the same guy who told me I wouldn’t make it to term last visit.
  • if I haven’t delivered by my appointment next Monday, they’ll look to see what his schedule is the week that I’m due and we can schedule an induction on a day he is on call (if I want it).  Per his professional opinion though, I’m not going to need one.  I’m apparently “very favorable” for delivery via Mother Nature.
  • and no, I’m not having any contractions.  A few cramps/back spasms here and there, but nothing that lasts longer than me going “OUCH” and rubbing the owie spot. 

8 thoughts on “37 weeks

  1. oh, these last weeks can be so hard. i remember them well. it’s so hard to hear right now, but babies come when they are ready. i just found out that a protein from their lungs is what triggers labour to start…a protein secreted when the lungs are ready for the big show. you’re well on your way already!

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