Checking in

Now I appear to have reached “that” point.  The point where random friends and family have started checking in to make sure I haven’t had the baby and we decided to keep it a secret from all and sundry.  Really, peeps, when the baby is here, we will be shouting it from the rooftop.  The hospital has wireless internet for a reason.

We have an appointment tomorrow at the local photography place to get a formal sitting of me and Manly before the baby comes.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but the last few weeks I’ve been afraid that the baby would come at any point.  As of right now, I’m thinking that this kid is going to be just as stubborn, hard-headed, and opinionated as his parents — and he’s decided to prove the doctor wrong.  So we will get pictures made of us, and then we will go back again after he is here and have family portraits done.  One thing I really want to do is what one of my girlfriends did — she had portraits made every three months of her little girl and mailed them out to all of us so that we could keep track of her during the first year (she is living 6 hours away so we don’t see her often). 

They’ve started a set of delivery date squares for me at work.  The earliest date (from what I was told) is this Sunday afternoon at 2:00 and the latest is November 11.  I don’t really want to think about either of those coming true.  My girlfriend at work is fairly confident that I’ll be the weekend of the 24th.  We are really similar physically, her son’s original due date was 11/7 (how’s that for freaky) and his birthday is the 25th.  I personally am just hoping for an October baby so that I can cram him into the “Baby’s First Halloween” onesie that got passed to me from Jessica.  Cause if next year is baby’s first halloween, he ain’t going to fit into that outfit.

And now I’m distracted by someone rolling around and my belly moving … have no idea anymore what I was going to say.  Oh well, couldn’t have been that important.


2 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Sophie’s so big she doesn’t fit into any “baby’s first” things anymore. 😦 I guess she’ll just have generic Halloween and Christmas stuff, with maybe a Baby’s first bib or something.

    I can’t wait for the little boy to get here too! It’d be way cool if he gets here in time to wear that outfit. We’ll be pleased either way!

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