No news is … no news, I guess.

I’ve apparently reached “that” point — where all the women in my office (especially those about my mother’s age) pass me in the hall, look at me with pity, and go “Oh, honey, when are you due?”

My boss even said that he could tell I was there when I waddled into his office yesterday. 

My pelvis feels like it’s trying to split down the joint in the front (depending on how far down he’s curled up) and it hurts to get up and walk.  My hands ache in the joints because they’ve gotten so swollen.  I keep seeing mucus-y stuff when I go potty, but nothing doing. 

I know that this all means that he isn’t ready yet, but I am definitely there.


7 thoughts on “No news is … no news, I guess.

  1. Oooh, it sounds like you are so very close. The end is insight, and that little one will be here in no time. Hang in there. Without a doubt, the best is yet to come.

  2. One of the gals in my office went around 38 weeks and didn’t seem to be terribly uncomfortable. The OTHER, who throughout her pregnancy had NO issues, went to 40.5 weeks and was MISERABLE for the last week or two. (Not to mention uber-envious of the other chick.)

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