33 weeks

Results from appt yesterday:

  • I really need to shave my legs (no, they didn’t say that, but I wasn’t expecting a pants-off visit and I was quite embarrassed)
  • I gained 1 lb in the last month per their scale
  • blood pressure is just fine
  • baby’s heartbeat is 148 bpm
  • fundal height ~ 33 cm
  • my cervix is still long/thick/closed
  • something I never would have guessed, but it came up in the childbirth class and I had to confirm — my OB will do the circumcision for us.  Ask me why, but I never would have put that particular task to them.  Anyway, if we want it done (which I am leaving up to the Manly), they use the plastibell method.  Which I obviously need to google since I have no idea what that means.

Results from the hospital tour yesterday:

  • They’ve remodeled the labor rooms since my SIL gave birth, and they are MUCH nicer.  Still no fridge in-room though. 
  • If they think that I’m not going to eat or drink anything but ice chips while I’m in labor, they’re crazy. 
  • Now that I’ve SEEN a 7 lb 14 oz baby up close (they had a fresh one in the nursery when we passed by), I am terrified.  How is something that BIG going to come out of me?  Those things aren’t little at all…

Results from looking in the mirror last night:

  • Fuck.  That IS a set of stretch marks starting to develop.
  • HOLY FUCK — my belly button just shed its skin.  I didn’t know that your belly button could peel. 

5 thoughts on “33 weeks

  1. Congrats on 33 Weeks!

    You’re OB does not have to do the circ. If you have established a pediatrician, they can do it too. If you want to do a circ.

    I think they “tell” you no food/drink. I brought my own, ate what i wanted and they brought me all the apple juice i wanted.

    good luck to you

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