32 weeks tomorrow…

Basic news update:

I switched to 2-week appointments at my 29 week doctor visit, so I actually was back to see him last week.  Wanna know how to make your nurse go into a little frenzy of worry?  Mention that you’re seeing little white “floaties”.  That got me my blood pressure checked three times with two different cuffs, trying both arms to make sure that she was reading it right and that my BP wasn’t elevated (it wasn’t).  I also got to take my socks off and prove that my feet aren’t swelling into little mushrooms.  But it also means that they’re going to be watching me more closely from here on out since the vision changes are a symptom of pre-eclampsia.  However, as long as my blood pressure stays down, they’re going to let me go as long as possible.  If I develop more symptoms, we induce early.  Blegh.  On the positive side, my gestational diabetes came back in the not-even-close-to-worry range (108 and their “worry” range is 140).  So I don’t have to take the long test, and I don’t have to change my eating habits, yay! 

Fun update:

Had two showers in the last week — a small one with family is my hometown, and the “big” one with my friends here.  I still have to take stock of everything (I had no idea that everyone would be so generous!), but my general impression is that the only “big” things we still need are the car seat and stroller and a bath tub.  And about 15 billion baby gates, but those can wait if we need to — they’ll be more for the dogs than the baby for a while 🙂  Between the actual gifts and all the hand-me-downs that I’ve gotten so far, there’s not a whole lot that we’ll have to buy.  Looking back through my registry, the only things that I KNOW we’ll have to go pick up before he gets here are some more diapers, emery boards, a bumper for the crib, and thermometer covers. 

According to everyone who sees me now, I’m getting “SO big” or “huge” — your choice.  But I’m taking it as a compliment, because it’s just about always followed by some comment of how I’m “all baby”.  And it’s true; at this point, my scale at home has me up 20 lb, but I’m just now getting to the point where my pre-pregnancy pants don’t fit anymore (minus the giant belly that’s made them not zip for a WHILE now).  With 8 weeks to go, I don’t think I’m going to quite make my goal of gaining only 25 lbs, but I don’t think I’ll go over that by too much.  Anyone who cares to watch can see the boy moving around inside me — my mom was having a blast this weekend doing that.  He’s not too big on kicking when anyone other than me is touching — he runs and hides and kicks somewhere else — but you can watch my belly wave and ripple as he rolls around and flips.  We were discussing the fact that Manly was a big baby (over 9 lb and 21?22? inches long), and comparing that to the distance between my ribs and my pelvis.  Yeah, there’s pretty much no where for the boy to go but out in front of me.  My belly button hasn’t “popped”, which from what I hear is a good thing, but it has definitely flattened out.  Very weird to me to know what the inside of my belly button looks like.  *TMI warning here* my b.oobs are MASSIVE.  I was NOT little beforehand by any means, and I’m at the point where I need to buy ANOTHER size up just in my pregnancy bras (I’ve already gone through one round).  From what I have been told, they’ll go up even MORE closer to delivery.  This terrifies me.  As is, I’m afraid they’ll never go back to “normal” after this (my “normal” is still rack-o-doom).  And since I am planning on breastfeeding, I’m not expecting them to go back down for, um, a while.  Overall, body image hasn’t been a problem for me this whole time.  There have been a few weeks where I was all “GAH!  I’m gaining a million pounds if I keep up this rate” but then I won’t gain anything for a week or two.  My average has been … average.  I pretty much gained the first trimester 5 lbs that are recommended, and then I’ve been .5-1 lb each week.  All my aunts last week were saying that I was “just like my mom” — gaining just a little weight, and then losing it all when the baby comes.  Hopefully, I will be like that, especially if breastfeeding does for me like all the internet experts predict and helps me drop the pounds afterwards. 

I’m starting to reach the point where I’m more excited than worried.  I’ve mentioned to Manly that I’m so happy the boy is such an active baby — on the few occasions where I have started to worry more than was probably necessary, I have been able to take a deep breath, sit still for a few minutes, and focus on feeling him move around inside.  Just those little flutters and kicks are enough to bring back my calm.  He’s okay, I’m okay.  I think it’s helping me as well to expect the first few weeks of his life to be absolutely miserable.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have enough friends with babies who are truthful about how hard it is to have already knocked a lot of the rose off my glasses.  Manly’s planning on taking a week off when the boy comes, my parents will be up for either that week or the week after (my dad works a weird swing shift, and he’s asked for vacation on his every-other “short” week around my delivery date), and my in-laws are here in town and Manly has assured me that his mom would fall all over herself to come over and help (which, given our outside-of-the-blog-family-circumstances, I believe.  Manly = golden child, if that gives you any idea).  So there will be hands around if/when I need them.  So I’m getting to really enjoy these last few weeks as much as I think I can — honestly, I’m still not all that uncomfortable.  I’ve started swelling just a little bit, and bending over sucks, but other than that I feel more awkward than anything else.  I love it 🙂  Love it, love it, love it.


3 thoughts on “32 weeks tomorrow…

  1. Don’t forget the extra volunteered hands from us over here! It would so break our heart to have to hold your new addition! 😉 You looked fabulous at your shower, and you look beyond happy. This, of course, makes the rest of us extremely happy too!

    If you need absolutely anything, even if it’s a borrowing type request, question you think sounds stupid (it won’t be,) or anything else…just call.

  2. Wow – so far already!
    I just went through a pre-eclampsia induction and am still dealing with the afteraffects. I sincerely wish you low blood pressure and a baby who arrives in his own timing!

    Btw, if someone hasn’t already suggested it, you may want to buy those larger bras as nursing bras…one less thing to buy later! (of course, size predictability may not make that easy, but it’s just a suggestion)

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