(or part the last in the week-long weird series of events that happened a while back that I started to write about but then thought maybe not, and now are so far past that the rest of it isn’t worth mentioning anymore)

Manly and I were told something by another couple.  Them to us, a group conversation.

Then he went back and spoke to the male half of the couple about it, and afterwards told me a few things that weren’t mentioned in the first conversation.

The next day, I got an email from the female half of the couple, also talking about things that weren’t mentioned in the original conversation.

The problem is, what Manly was told and what I was told directly refute each other.

So now, and this still bothers me a month later which is why I bring it up here, I have to ask: was he lying to Manly?  Or was she lying to me?  Or worse than both of those options, are they lying to each other?


3 thoughts on “Cryptic

  1. These are the times you need that “record” function on your iPhone — that and a really good “stupid face” when you play back the one conversation and say, “So! WTF is this all about?”

    Could be entertaining. Could be a massive headache.

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