now two weeks ago

Our crib came in a while back, but we set the parts in the guest room because we didn’t have a place for it.  Before my parents came up to visit, he took the afternoon to move stuff around and put it together. 

I didn’t know he was going to do that, so when I walked in, it was a surprise.

A very, very good surprise.

It’s still very strange to me to have baby “stuff” in my house.  I never collected things before; I was always too afraid that we would never get to this point and that seeing those things would only cause me pain.  But now, holy cow, things are starting to mount up.  We have the crib.  We have the dresser that my parents brought out of my childhood bedroom that is going to be refinished for the baby.  We have a bassinet (thank you Jess!).  We have the last package of washcloths that matched the towels that I registered for.  We have the baby quilts and the crosstitch that my mother and aunts made for me that will now be recycled for my son. 

My son.  I still can’t believe that we’re here.

Walking into the room, and seeing that big crib put together in one piece, just made it all so much more real — in a few months, there will be a baby, OUR baby, sleeping there.  I’m still not ready, but I’m getting closer.


6 thoughts on “now two weeks ago

  1. how wonderful! I am so happy & excited for you. And I totally understand how seeing the crib all assembled can just make things so much more real.

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