Apropos of nothing …

A quick break in my musings — but I have a question for all of you (and yes, I want answers):

What do you do with all the birthday/christmas/thank-you/miss-you/whatever the occasion cards that you get?  I have a stack of them, and I can’t bring myself to throw them away, but I don’t really have a use for them either. 

Do you keep them?  Trash them? Recycle them into something useful?  Tell me, please …


10 thoughts on “Apropos of nothing …

  1. we take the photo cards and add them to albums replacing last year’s photo card when applicable

    we cut out designs we like mount them on card stock and make new cards

  2. I eventually throw them away. I put them on the mantle for several months and eventually take them down and throw them out. I have considered recycling them into new cards, though. I’ve never done that. Photo cards I keep and put in the boxes with the other photos we have.

  3. Christmas cards, I bundle together every year and keep in a photo box with the Christmas decorations; I like to see them again every year when I start decorating.

    Birthday/thank you’s, etc., I keep ones that have a heartfelt message in in a file in our file cabinet; other ones I’ve finally started getting the nerve to just throw away after reading. 🙂

  4. I keep the ones with hand written messages that mean something to me. I reuse the tops of cards as post cards sometimes. Mostly I throw them away after displaying them for a little while.

  5. I’ve learned that you just cannot keep these things forever (much as I’d like to). I generally wait a year or two. And then, as others above have already said, I put the photo cards in photo albums. I keep most of the letters. I’ve kept ones from my grandparents & great-aunts who are now gone. (I recently went through YEARS of grade school Valentines that I didn’t even know were still in my parents’ basement — I kept a couple from my best friend, and the ones that came from the boy I had a crush on, lol.) And I’ve kept cards that are homemade by my scrapbooking friends. just because they’re so beautiful & I appreciate the amount of work that went into making them.

    Believe it or not, those exceptions aside, a lot does get thrown out. ; ) I put them into recycling. I understand there are charitable organizations that will use them as well.

    I still have all my wedding cards, though. And all the cards I got after our daughter was stillborn, as well as the Mother’s & Father’s Day cards dh & I give to each other. Those seem sacred, somehow.

  6. I use them as background pieces in scrapbooking projects. Especially X-Mas ones. Also, birthday ones for my kids–I add a pocket in the scrapbook pages–and hole them in that.

  7. I’m going to break up with bloglines if it continues to miss blog updates! Anyway, we take the ones that are sentimental and place them in a box. For example, congratulations cards from our parents on the kids’ arrivals, their first holiday cards, the rest we recycle (as in reduce, reuse, recyle.) I wish I had the patience to use them for crafts, or the craftiness for that matter! 😉

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