We have a gendered pronoun …

… and “it” is now a “BOY”!

Sorry for the wait, this week has been insane.  But the ultrasound Tuesday went fantastically.  We walked in, I laid down, and then had to get Manly to take out my belly-button stud for me (for the record, no one told me ahead of time).  That done, I got some rather warm gel slathered on my belly and the nurse set the wand-thingy down on my stomach. 

And immediately asked if we wanted to know the sex.

Apparently our little one was laid out all spread-eagle and showing off.  I will confess right here that I STILL don’t know what she was looking at — I even have a printout with an arrow, but all I see is a head and some shadows. 

Everything else was “normal”.  I didn’t bother to get any measurements, because, eh, I really don’t care.  They won’t mean anything to me anyway.  Did get to hear the heartbeat again, but since she did it with the ultrasound I didn’t get told the count.  And the machine is estimating that the baby weighs about 15 oz at the moment.  The one thing about the whole experience (imagine me giving you an accusing look here) is that NO ONE told me that the technician would hit a frequency that would make my baby suddenly turn into Jack Skellington on the screen!  It’s kind of disconcerting to be thinking, “aw – that might be foot … no a nose” and then suddenly your baby turns into a jumble of vertebrae and ribs.  Which is cool and all, you know, that he has the correct skeletal structure, but really?  Kind of a sudden surprise.

Everyone has asked if we started crying at the moment, but no, we were both just so happy … we were laughing and joking with the technician, and it was just really beautiful.  Now later that night, when Manly laid his head down in my lap and snuggled his cheek up against my belly, yeah, I lost it a little.

The next question on everyone’s mind seems to be if we have a name yet, which we do — and we’re about 90% sure that it will be the final name.  But much as I love y’all, I’m not broadcasting it out to the internets.  Just accept that it’s very traditional and combines two family names.  It still seems strange to actually call him by that name though — we are still talking about “he” or “the baby” or “your baby.”  I think it will be a while before I can make it through the transition to an individual inside of me.

And now I’m off to go attend another friend’s surprise 30th bday party — we had one last weekend too, and at least 4 more before the year is over.  Y’all have a safe weekend!


6 thoughts on “We have a gendered pronoun …

  1. woooooo hooooooo!!!
    & cracking up over the Jack Skellington of it all- you are so right.
    I am just so happy for you & thrilled that he is doing so well.

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