13 weeks

I had a 13 week visit instead of 12 week since I was travelling for work last week.  Which means I now will have 17-, 21-, etc.  Just a quickie: weight (no gain according to their scale), blood pressure (eh, don’t remember, but it was good), baby’s heartbeat (172, found almost immediately with the doppler), and fundal height (13?  “exactly where you should be”).  I also got a blessed prescription of amoxicillan for the sinus infection that won’t go away.  I’ve been throwing up for 3 days from all of the ick that’s dripping down the back of my throat.  Very ready for that to be over with.

And this morning, my very sweet friend at work brought me a mother’s day gift 🙂  Yes, she knows we tried for forever, and this is just the way she is.  I now have my very first bib that says “I ❤ Mommy”.  I’m going to go tuck it upstairs with the blanket and the duck that are still hidden away.

Oh, and we bought another car!  We now have a four-door, four-seat G8 that will fit a carseat in the back, yay!


8 thoughts on “13 weeks

  1. Glad to hear things went well! Ummm, can we get a ticker now? My mom asked the other day how many weeks you are, and I wasn’t quite sure.

    Congrats on the car!

    I think a picture post from you would be great. Car picture, dog pics, etc. It’s been a while. 🙂

  2. I’m glad to hear all the good news and I hope your sinus infection goes away — and I agree — what a thoughtful friend!

    I have things in the closet too…



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