1st OB appt

So today’s appointment, by popular demand (I see you out there grinning, Kellie):

Much more comfortable than the old OBGYN’s office.  It’s a big, busy practice right next to the hospital where I want to deliver, with comfy chairs and soothing wall colors and lots of women in and out through the doors.  Filled out about 14 tons of paperwork, then answered all the same questions verbally while the nurse transcribed them onto her papers.  Got weighed, peed in a cup, got slips for bloodwork in April, got another ultrasound, got a goody bag, and then got to meet the new doc.

Ultrasound: measured 8w3d, heartrate 174 bpm, saw some legs, saw some black blotches that the ultrasound nurse said showed that the brain was forming.  I cannot describe exactly how hearing that heartbeat makes me feel — it’s like someone ripped out my insides and replaced them with marshmallow fluff, every time.  More than anything else, that sound makes this all feel real.

Dr. Speedy (it’s descriptive AND a pun on his name) has actually worked with Dr. Local the RE fairly extensively.  Speedy does low-tech intervention (oral meds, monitoring, post-coital tests) and then sends IF patients on to Dr. L if higher-order intervention is needed, apparently.  Since he will be my primary OB at the clinic, I’m also assigned to his nurse, who is right my style.  She’s a grandmother, and has all the warm fuzzy manner that I was wanting for this pregnancy.  She informed me that I would meet with all the doctors at the practice over the next few months, but Dr. Speedy prefers to deliver all his own patients if at all possible.  Speedy came in and chatted with me for a few minutes; he looked through my paperwork, declared me young and in wonderful health, told me to call if there was ANYTHING I needed or if I had any questions, and then did a manual exam.  My cervix is, according to him, long and thick and the baby is settled in nicely and looks great. I left out with instructions to call (during office hours if at all possible since after-hours calls go to their HOMES), 3 packs of prenatal vitamin samples, a box of antihistamine tablets to help with my congestion (curse you oak tree pollen) and constant nausea, a book, some magazines, a journal, and coupons for Tums.

So the upcoming schedule is: April 19, blood draw to test for HIV, serum test to look for neural tube defects n’ stuff (I don’t remember what all it was), and something called a “prenatal profile”.  Next appointment is May 5, with monthly appointments the norm from here on out.  Next ultrasound is at 20 weeks to check anatomy and gender, and they offer 4D ultrasounds after 29 weeks for an additional fee.

There you go.  A seamless transition to the new office.  Much much happy.


11 thoughts on “1st OB appt

  1. So that’s interesting–are you going to get the NT ultrasound scan and 12 week blood tests next time, or just bloods?

    Anyway, very glad that you like the Doc and the nurse. And that you can get ahold of them anytime! Weee.

  2. woo hoo!
    LOVE reading about this.
    Great that you have found an OB office that feels right. Especially great that you like your nurse!
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. So happy to hear your first OB appointment went so smoothly, with such great results! Having a doctor you like/love is truly important, and it sounds like you made a great choice. 🙂 So, so happy for you.

  4. Glad to hear the transition was smooth. I got a bit misty thinking about you listening to the baby’s heartbeat. What a super exciting time for you guys! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Such wonderful news. I’m glad that you get along well with the drs and nurses, thats so important. I’m rooting for you and can now join you in the ranks of turning to “marshmallow fluff”. Such joy.

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