Um, so, Hi There

Okay, I know I don’t ever do this, but today … if you’re having a not-good day (and you know what I mean), you should probably go look at some lolcats or something.  Come back when you’re doing better, trust me.






So everybody here wants to be here, right?  Last chance.




I’m pregnant. 


I know, I know, I should have told everyone when the stick turned blue.  But I was (and still am) very scared and hesitant about telling people.  We saw the heartbeat on Tuesday, so we’re telling our parents this weekend.  And I really do want to shout it from the rafters, but I’m just terrified that if I do I’ll have to un-tell people and … yeah.  Easier to panic in my own mind and keep my mouth shut.

So anyway.  All the details I know you’re all going to ask about:

I tested because I was four days late (20 dpo) (3/7).  I had noticed that I was just exhausted and the rack o’ doom was owie, but neither of those are really odd for my cycle.  It was the lateness that pushed me over the edge.  The line came up in like 30 seconds and I just stood there with my hands shaking for a few minutes.  Manly had a friend over here, so I had to wait about an hour for him to leave before I could say anything.  That was a Saturday, so I called Dr. Local’s office first thing Monday morning (3/9) and went in for a beta.  It was 2618.  Went back for a second on Wednesday (3/11), and it had doubled to 5080.  Went back in for a third the next Wednesday (3/18); didn’t get a number but everything was “good” and they scheduled the ultrasound.  Last Tuesday (3/24) Manly and I went in to get our first look.  Just one, nicely situated in the upper third of my uterus, heartbeat 139 bpm, measuring 6w5d, and I ovulated from the left side.  My due date is 11/7. 

Symptoms: exhausted, sore boobs, and nauseous (but not throwing up!).  I was headache-y the first week I found out, but I think that was probably more related to my sudden cessation of caffeine.  Ginger ale, 25 mg of B6, and club crackers are my dearest friends right now.

I have another ultrasound scheduled for next Tuesday to confirm that everything is proceeding correctly.  And after that, assuming all goes well, I’ll be released to my OBGYN as a pregnant woman for regular care.  I’m still taking 500 mg of metformin every day, which I will continue to do til around 10 weeks or so.

To conclude, I want to give you an excerpt of my conversation with Becky from this week:

Her: So you mean just having sex actually gets people pregnant?

Me: Apparently so.  Who would have guessed?

Her: Huh.  Weird.

Who would have ever guessed that we were infertiles?

47 thoughts on “Um, so, Hi There

  1. Wowie wow wow wow. What fabulous, amazing, shocking, wonderful news. I’m truly thrilled for you and will be feverishly praying for an uneventful pregnancy. Congratulations!

  2. Wondered where you got to YOU!

    And join the club sweetie! WOW WOW WOW, sex is a funny old thing isnt it, sometimes its actually good for just making a baby, huh!


  3. Wow! Some how I think you might appreciate this conversation my long-time infertile aunt had with her doctor after he told her she was pregnant.
    Aunt: How did this happen?
    Dr: Um, didn’t you cover this in science class in 7th grade?
    Aunt: Yeah, right (very sarcastically). No seriously, how did this really happen?
    Dr: Sperm met egg, you got pregnant.
    Aunt: But, but that doesn’t work for me.
    Dr: It did this time!

  4. I’m still grinning ear to ear for you! I’ll randomly smile and people will ask what I’m thinking about. Then, I have to explain that a good friend hit the jackpot. I leave it at that. 🙂

    I’m going to remain very optimistic for you. As I said, “I’m excited to do all the wonderful things for you that you have graciously done for me.”

    I’m around. If you need it, ask for some Zofran. It kicks the nausea nearly instantly to the curb. I felt so much better once I started it.


  5. I’m actually genuinely delighted for you. I mean, regardless of if you were assisted or not THIS cycle, you’ve put in your time and paid your dues – you EARNED this. So yay! 🙂

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! That’s wonderful! Congratulations!

    I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised since I was in your shoes almost exactly 2 years ago to the date. I’ll hold out hope for you that you get to the finish line with ease. I’m so delighted for you!

  7. OMFG, you’re an urban legend just like me!!! So excited for you, so so sooooo!

    But actually more excited for you than for me, cuz for me it doesn’t seem real yet. We hope for a hearbeat this Friday but all those extra lines on sticks – I just don’t quite believe it except for how shite I feel.

    PS. Did you start running like your RE said to? I’m curious if you did cuz I started a few months back and now reading what your doc said re running… well… I wonder…

  8. I’m stunned….holy shit so happy for you!!!

    Keep taking the metformin, and research taking it longer. My high risk OB recommends it for women with PCOS, insulin issues etc.

    Congratulations my dear!

  9. HOLY CRAP, WOMAN!!! This is HUGE! I’m so happy for you–and no IVF, even! Wow…fingers crossed that things continue to go swimmingly 🙂 MFA Mama a.k.a. Eliza

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