See if YOU can spot the irony

Background info: I work for a government contractor and the speakers both fall into the conservative, ex-military, anti-Obama demographic

Scene: this morning, at work, overheard from the hallway

Speaker A: (after reading his regular morning headlines) “Hey Danno, what do you think — us folks who work hard and keep our jobs and pay our mortgages, you think the government’s going to give us any money?”

Speaker B: “Nope.”

Um, dude.  You used to be a soldier, and now you’re a government contractor. 

Who do you think pays your salary?


6 thoughts on “See if YOU can spot the irony

  1. LMAO!!! My in-laws are super conservative, anti-Obama types, always talking about how the Dems are stealing from the people who actually work like them. But you know who paid for my husband’s prostetic? The state of Ohio rehabilitation services. Not the $800 / month insurance policy we have through my company. No, they exclude “durable medical equipment” (and infertility but that’s another rant). Why you ask? Because they can! Because our government is far too in bed with the corporations.

  2. One of my high school friends when the election was over called and said “so I bet you’re happy we’re about to live in a socialist country”….

    Um. Well, yes, actually — high taxes provide good infrastructure, good educational systems, help for the poor and elderly — healthcare for all…ooooh eviiiiil….


    The city we live in is fairly liberal — but the outlying areas — nope.

  3. Pam: I love your comment. I get told all the time by my in laws about how this country is becoming more and more socialist, and then I point out that Sweden has the highest rates of happyness and the highest taxes in the world which give them the best benefits, so what is so wrong with becoming a socialist nation?

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