Comic Intermission

Scene: Sharah leisurely watering houseplants for the first time in a few weeks

“La la la, waterwaterwater — what the?  Crap.  Sigh.  How on earth do I do these things?  Who else gets weeds in their houseplants?  Only me.”

pulls at weed.  top half breaks off.


Firm yank at base of weed, determined to kill it.

Whoosh! Large bulb-thingy and 8-inch lonng taproot come free.

“What the?  What … is that?”

Closer inspection.  Walks to stairs.

“Manly darling, why did you plant a pecan tree in my houseplant?”


Y’all think I’m joking.  I’m not.  Manly, quite surprised at my discovery, confirmed that, yes, that was indeed a sprouted pecan that I pulled out of the plant.  Neither one of us knows where it came from  — it was a Mal-Wart houseplant from last summer, so it might have been dropped in at the nursery, or been mixed in with the potting soil, or one of our joker friends planted it during one of our recent parties.  The remains of the stem and root have currently been repotted on the back porch, so we’ll see if it lives, considering that I already broke half the stem off.  whoops.

So anyway.  We’re off to my parents’ for the weekend to finish up Christmas and let the dogs chase things in the woods and harrass my cousin who got engaged to a guy that I haven’t ever met and is getting married in APRIL!  Have fun, be good, and don’t open the door to strangers.


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