Brink of a New Year

A Happy Belated Bicarbonate of Soda Day to everyone!  May your refrigerator be free of funky odors and your laundry detergent boosted.  I swear, next year I’ll remember to send out cards.

I love New Year’s Eve.  It’s the final turn of the year-end trifecta for me: the Solstice, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve.  The turning of the old year into the new, putting away the past and looking forward to the future.  Last year, I was just so happy that 2007 was over — it royally sucked ass.  And 2008 fulfilled its promise: a new job, a new president, and a renewed sense of happiness.  I had a good feeling about 2008, and it lived up to the challenge.

I’m not so sure about this 2009 thing though.  It’s an odd number, not quite round enough, a little too odd on the end.  And all yellow.  Not enough balance.  2009 feels like it could tip over at any second, just barely hanging on.  Hopefully the year will turn out better than the number.  It’s got promise, but only if you keep focusing on maintaining balance.  Actually, that, I think, is going to be the word for aught-nine.  “Balance”.  Keeping my equilibrium, holding still in uncertainty, remembering to breathe.  Balance.  Yes, I do think I like that.

The same as last year, tonight I will be lighting a candle to burn as the new year rolls over, and I will say a prayer for each of you.  I make one promise, and one promise only: that I will hold your hope for you when you are not strong enough to hold it yourself.  And I ask only that you will hold mine in your heart when I cannot hold it on my own.


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