Well that sucked.

Aka, potential for fun: high — fun realized: none

Aka, truck 1 – sharah 0

We were supposed to go to my parents’ house today.  Thirty minutes into the trip, the timing belt on my truck broke.  We waited for the tow truck almost three hours, but we’re all home now.  We had both the dogs with us, and they were very bored by the end of that excursion. 

Oh well.  Maybe we’ll be able to get down there before Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Well that sucked.

  1. Car trouble is the worst. Glad you (finally) made it home with the dogs, though. Ours aren’t nearly as psyched to go for rides after we took them to the do-it-yourself dog wash last weekend. Maybe yours will be a little less enthusiastic, too?! I do hope you get to see your folks asap.

  2. BOOO…

    though this is a reminder to me to get that timing belt replaced which they told me OH so long ago to do..and I’ve been avoiding….may the car troubles pass quickly and the next trip go smoothly!


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