Happy T-Day, y’all

So should I start off by mentioning that I got my Christmas shopping this close to done yesterday?  My dad, my FIL, my SIL, and her boyfriend.  That’s all that’s left.  And my godfather, who I have no ideas for.  I’ll ask his daughter when I see her tomorrow.  We won’t put up a tree for a few weeks because we always do a real one, and they dry out before the big day if we put it up too soon.  I’m hosting a party on the 12th, so we’ll have to do that next weekend.

We’re doing T-Day up here again.  The past few years, we’ve hosted dinner for Manly’s family and whoever else showed up.  Last year, we ended up with several of our friends over as well.  But this year my MIL decided she wanted to do dinner, and frankly, I’m scared.  My MIL is one of those women who gets extremely stressed out when hosts a big event, even if it’s just our family.  Sometimes we’re able to keep her under control, but there have been nights when we didn’t eat until 11.  No, that’s not an exaggeration.  Yes, we’re eating here before we head out, just in case.

Either way, my cooking is almost done.  I made dressing (my MIL is a Yankee, and they each stuffing.  Pennsylvania dry stuffing.  Blegh.), a chocolate trifle that one of our friends brought over for a potluck pre-Thanksgiving turkey dinner, roasted cauliflower, and I’m taking rolls and soda and champagne.  Probably some wine as well.  It can never hurt to have too much alcohol on hand when I deal with the Man’s family.

Our house is a mess, thanks to the cow toy beheading that Gozer executed this morning.  There’s toy fluff everywhere, but that seems to be the state of the Sharah nation these days.  Earlier this week, it was the stuffing out of a pillow that got left too close to the dog cage while we were at work.  Someone likes to de-stuff soft toys and then play tug of war with the shell.  We’re going to my parents’ tomorrow, so I figure it will keep for a day or two. 

I’m going to try to start decorating for Christmas when I come back on Sunday.  I think I know what I want to do with the dining room, and I need to move a table to make room for the tree.  And now that I have enough tabletop spaces, I’ll actually have places for all my little christmas choctkies. 

Anyway, this is all to say that we’re well, and hope you are all with someone you love (even if they drive you crazy sometimes), and I am thankful for each and every one of you who keeps me company as I walk this path.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Happy T-Day, y’all

  1. Did you notice I’m typing this at 2:30 am while I’m eating my breakfast before BF shopping? Yeah, you stink for having almost all yours done! 🙂

    Hope to see you soon!

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