So guess who found out today that she will have the option to enroll in a new insurance plan for ’09 that offers a lifetime max of $12500 for infertility treatment and $5000 for infertility drugs?  That would just cover the cost of an IVF cycle at my clinic, if the rates haven’t changed drastically over the last year.

And in other news, for the love of god and all that is holy, please promise me right now that you will do your psoas stretches.  Because when you don’t and it goes into a spasm, it hurts like there is no description.  Mine went out a week ago, and I’m still recovering from the pain.

Um, what else.  I got in my new dining, office, and bedroom furniture; still waiting on the sofa and recliner.  My china cabinet was missing the hardware to put in the shelves, so it’s still sitting in the box.  The new desk is fantastic though, because I finally have room to lay out my books while I’m studying instead of trying to balance them in my lap. 

I get to go down to Destin for a work meeting tomorrow.  We’re coming back on Thursday, but the hotel is on the beach and I fully plan on walking in the surf, no matter how cold it is.  I’m really, really hoping we have beachfront rooms.  Next month I get to go to Vegas for the week before Thanksgiving for a conference, and I’m looking forward to that.

I guess finally, for the record, Gozer has caught up to my niece, size-wise.  Goze is 13 weeks old, the baby is a year and a little bit, and they both weigh 24 pounds.  The puppy has bigger paws.  So far, our plan of overwhelming him with chew toys has been working; we’ve only lost a little bit of carpet, and I’m going to have to buy new underwear after we get out of the stealing-panties-and-socks-from-the-laundry-hamper stage.

Overall, all is well.  Hope y’all are the same. Kisses!


9 thoughts on “Postcard

  1. Congrats on the insurance! Ours covers NOTHING, and argues about EVERYTHING. If another doctor’s appointment is even in the same building as the RE, I swear they question it.

    Our dog is coming up on 13 and still occasionally manages to get into the laundry hamper for panties and socks……

  2. You are so lucky! That’s really great coverage!

    Also, your doggy just loves you so much! Be careful he doesn’t swallow any of your underwear, that could be expensive!

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