Just when I’m all prepared for my friend’s baby announcement (any day now), I get blindsided by an old college buddy (male) with “first doctor’s visit” ultrasounds scanned into his blackberry.

Some days you just can’t win.


PS. Gozer is doing wonderfully, except for some potty issues.  Gained 1 lb 13 oz the first week(!) so I’m scared to see what we’ll get on Wednesday when we go in for our second round of shots.  But the stairs are no longer an obstacle for some no-so-short-anymore legs.


8 thoughts on “Sigh.

  1. Dude. We keep getting news of second and third kids on the way from couples that didn’t even KNOW each other when we started trying. *barf*

    Gozer is da bomb! Love to the Gozer 🙂

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