Advice, Given and Requested

My advice to you:

  • When computer-y people tell you to power down your external hard drive before pulling the plug/disconnecting from the computer or you’ll corrupt it,  THEY AREN’T PLAYING AROUND.
  • If you disregard their advice and unplug the f*er without turning it off first and corrupt your file allocation table, I highly recommend a program called photorec to recover your, oh, 4287 photos and files you had stored on the now defunct hard drive.  What do you mean, hard copy backup?
  • Seriously, make a hard copy backup on CD or *gasp* actually print out the really important stuff.  You’ll thank me 2 days, 12 hours of work, and 10 GB of data later.

Advice solicted:

  • Has anyone tried the “migraine diet” and had a significant improvement from it?  For whatever reason, my migraines have ramped up over the last few months and I am burning through imitrex.  I don’t really want to go on a preventative because my doc would want me back on birth control.  Paradoxically, the birth control triggers my migraines. 
  • eta: I almost forgot my second question.  Is there a way to make green tea taste good?  I tried some this morning, and it tasted (literally) like burnt french fries.  Did I do something wrong, or did I just get some bad tea, or is that what it’s supposed to taste like?

16 thoughts on “Advice, Given and Requested

  1. 1. my hub avoids certain foods like peanuts and almonds that he thinks were associated with his migraines. he also takes a nasty herb called “feverfew” as preventative. the only other thing that may work for him sometimes is super migraine excedrin right at the onset, but nothing works all that great then.

    2. some green tea just takes like dirt. some takes like smoke. some tastes more like flowers. I like the lighter delicate kind, and also the toasted rice kind (genmaicha) and I buy good quality stuff, not cheap. try a different kind, a different brand, and don’t let it steep too long. you could try a drop or honey or lemon or ginger, depending on what you like…

  2. Ugh, I think hot green tea takes like grass. 😦 But I’ve found that I like Turkey Hill’s Green Tea with ginseng and honey, and their Mango Green Tea is pretty good. They’re not sold everywhere though, but maybe you have a similar brand?

    And I just empathize with you on the migraines. Yuck. 😦

  3. Like Luna said, try a different brand of the tea. They all taste slightly different. I fell in love with green tea in Japan. They do the whole leaf bit, and that’s some mighty fine green tea.

    Who has time for that though? Don’t squeeze the tea bag,because it makes the tea more bitter. Perhaps toss in one packet of Splenda or a tiny bit of sugar. Some people also put honey it, but I’m not a huge fan of that. Oh, and it’s supposed to have a slight grassy taste. I know. I know. It’s no Earl Grey!

  4. No help here with the migraines and the green tea? Well, I got with the flavored ones available through Celestial Seasons…

    Really sorry about the computer meltdown. That just blows…

  5. Sounds like you had a couple of fun days, not!

    I can’t help with migranes either, but I know a gal at work who has found that certain foods triggers her migranes.

    I don’t let the green tea bag sit in the hot water for more than 5 minutes. If you do, it will get bitter on you. I’ve never found that it tastes like much, so I like the green teas that have other stuff in it. I think Yogi tea makes a fabulous Green Tea Chai.

  6. Yes, I’ve heard that nuts can trigger migrains (actually, nuts can also trigger cold sores/herpes). When I feel a migraine coming on, I also stay away from coffee and chocolate. Alcohol, especially red wine, is a definite no-no. Red wine also often trigger my husband’s migrains. Stay well hydrated. Peace and quiet is perhaps the most important thing. Hope it gets better.

  7. I’m kind of with Katie. I’ve never managed to make green tea taste good. I’ve really tried to like it, I just don’t. Always tastes like it’s been filtered through dirty gym socks.

  8. I have never done the ‘migraine diet’, but I HAVE suffered w/ migraines since second grade. I’ve noticed that I get used to Migraine meds VERY easily. Imitrex never really worked for me, honestly.. actually, neither have any of the preventatives (Inderal, etc). Two Tylenol w/ Codeine does seem to work most of the time, though. And I do a lot of cold washcloths in the freezer. Unfortunately, sleeping and/or vomiting seems to be the only way to find some relief. It’s definitely no fun :O(.

  9. I’ve never done the migraine diet but I’d like to hear more about it. Immitrex didn’t work for me and I had to go on Topamax, which did. If you tell your doctor that BCPs give you headaches do you think s/he’ll give you a daily without pushing it? If not, it might be time for a new doc. That seems like bad medicine IMHO.

    Before the Topamax, what really worked for me was one Tylenol, one Advil and two benadryl right before I went to sleep. Too much of tylenol or advil gives me a rebound migraine but just one of each with the benadryl helped me sleep soundly and wake up pain-free in the AM. Usually lasted a few days.

  10. Ditto on the green tea – try the flavoured brands, but yeah, plain green tea takes getting used to. I’ve had matcha, really good Japanese blends and the regular Tetley green tea. Yep, the longer it brews, the more bitter it is.

  11. Let me first say . . . I enjoy you.

    Secondly, because of your advice I spent a couple of hours backing up my entire computer, including about 7000 pictures from the last 8 years. Thanks for saving me a complete meltdown when/if my computer crashes.

  12. I can’t stand hot green tea. I drink Arizona green tea, and get the same “benefit” that I did from the few times I tried the hot stuff. SoBe is pretty good, although a bit sweet for my taste. Snapple has one out too that is wonderful.

  13. I’ve gotten green tea from adagio (online store), and they also say to not have the water all the way boiling (180 degrees F, but I don’t have a thermometer, so I always guess), in addition to not brewing for too long (3 minutes according to their instructions). I’ve only had their flavored green teas though, and enjoyed it pretty well. Maybe we can have an afternoon tea at my house sometime, since I’ve apparently ordered way more than I’ll ever need from that company. 😉 I have black teas too, though mostly flavored in that as well…

  14. It depends where you get the green tea from – a tea shop will let you sample before you buy.[I don’t live near one so when I encountered one I made a beeline right for the shop]. Water should never be boiling and don’t let the tea leaves stay for too long submerged in water – it gets very acidic/bitter. The only stuff I really like is genmaicha and dragonwell.
    sorry about your computer

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