Update for Becky

Becky just called me (y’all know which Becky it is, so I’m not going to link) and she reports that she is going in for a Day 3 transfer RIGHT NOW.  As in they got the call this morning, and she’s on the road to Dr. Local’s place.  She does not have internet access right now, so I’m not sure how communication is going to work.  She actually asked me to post this over at her place but I didn’t get the right password (probably smart — who in their right mind would give me access to their blog *evil laugh*).  No info on # embryos, quality, or anything — she’s going to call me when she gets out, and something will get published as an update somewhere.

So think good thoughts for our girl and wish her good luck!


One thought on “Update for Becky

  1. How exciting! I’ll have everything crossed for her. I wonder why they are doing day 3 when she had so many embryos going — I assumed they’d do a day 5. Regardless, I trust her RE knows what he’s doing and I can’t wait to hear how it went. Thanks for the update!

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