Dark Horse

Okay, are you all ready to know the total?  It was … (drumroll):

THREE times.

I know, I can’t believe it either.  No one actually guessed that low!  But the closest, and therefore our winner, was Rita from Sweet City Woman!  She came the closest by only guessing 5.  I’d show you all the prize basket, but, um, well … it’snotactuallydoneyet.  Hey look, something shiny!  Over there!

Anyway, I had what is probably an inordinate amount of fun for a reunion.  I spilled not one, but TWO! glasses of red wine on myself Friday night and decided to abstain for the rest of the weekend.  I got to see several of my good friends, swap numbers, and basically get invited back into each other’s lives.  We’re still missing a few, but at least now there’s a link there.  Found out that one of them actually went through ART herself (successfully), even though we didn’t get to talk extensively about it.  And to top off the making-all-the-rest-of-my-readers-puke, there were no actually pg women there.  There are apparently several who are, but none of them showed up. 

But you know me, I can’t end anything on a high note.  Friday night, while I was well on my way to being drunk and Manly was driving back to the hotel, he asked me if I enjoyed having all the toys that we do (referring to the cars).  Of course I said yes.  To which he sighed and said,

“Yeah, me too.  But I’d trade them all for one or two kids of our own.”

Fuck. me.


13 thoughts on “Dark Horse

  1. wow only three time, I was so sure it would be more. Glad you had a nice time connecting with old friends. Does this mean you guys might be jumping back on the wagon?

  2. I want to hug you and say absolutely nothing. I’m sure you’ve already said it all to yourself. I will see you tonight. We can talk or not talk about it. I will leave that up to you. I will also email you this comment.

  3. I often find myself typing a comment and then only deleting it. Which serves no purpose other than for me to play it safe, because I am afraid to say the wrong thing.

    So I guess that I want to say is that I am listening, even though I wish I knew what to say of comfort.

    I’m glad to see that you had fun at your reunion. I missed my 25th high school reunion last year and to my surprise am sad that I did.

  4. If Manly was my man, I’d be demanding a conversation, right then and there.

    He has no right to keep his silence on this issue…none at all. You deserve better. Now go get it.

  5. It tears me up when the guys who are usually so stoic offer up something that you know rips at their deepest emotions.

    I, like Thrice, wish I could say something perfect to you to make it all so much better.

  6. Sometimes I’ve been supersurprised at the lack of interest in my reproducing, other times it seems to be what’s on people’s mind. I’m glad to know the reunion was a lot of fun.

    As for Manly, I don’t really know what to tell you, just send you a hug. Sometime, I hope, Manly will be able to talk to you about his feelings. Obviously he’s got a lot of stuff going on in there.

  7. Sorry for being so absent. I’ve been too wrapped up in navel gazing of late and that’s just not cool to my bloggie friends … I have been keeping up with your posts via my reader, but now I need to take it a step further and actually leave comments.

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