Step Right Up! Win a Prize!

Alright, I have had an Idea.  My 10-year high school reunion is coming up this weekend.  So I am taking this opportunity to host a contest for my faithful readers who continue to hang around this popsicle stand.  Starting right now, I am going to start accepting bets on how many times next weekend that I get asked

“So do you have any kids?”

Rules are as follows:

  1. You have to leave a comment with a real email address or blog contact (some way for me to know who you are, basically) stating your guess.  And remember, you have to be willing to give me your real-life address if you win so that I can mail you your prize.  If you aren’t the winner, you don’t have to hand over your details, so don’t worry.
  2. The winner will be the person who guesses the closest without going over.
  3. In case of a tie, the first commenter to leave that particular number will be the winner.
  4. Guesses will be accepted until midnight Saturday night, July 12.  At that point, the carriage turns into a pumpkin and I start counting the results.
  5. I will be counting variants of the question, so things like “How many kids do you have?” or “Are you pregnant?” will be included in the total.

So background to help you guess: this is a two-day, three-gathering reunion.  Friday night, we’ll be at a bar from 8pm til 2 am.  Saturday afternoon there is a picnic at the school campus from 10am til 1pm.  And Saturday night, there’s a dinner at a nice restaurant from 6pm til 8pm.  I’m letting the deadline for guesses run later than that in case some of us end up going out afterwards.  There will probably be between 100 and 150 classmates show up.  Now remember, I haven’t spoken to hardly any of these people in ten years; a few have emailed me in the last few months since the reunion website went live, but not many.  And I don’t have any kids listed (obviously) on the reunion website, facebook, or myspace.

And what do you have the opportunity to win?  Well, it’s going to be a Sharah-made “Just Relax” gift basket!  Chock full of all the little things that help me “just relax.”  Even though it’s been completely unsuccessful in getting me knocked up, maybe that little extra bit of calm will help you reach the blissful state of parenthood.  And if you’re already there, well obviously it’s not going to hurt you either.

So game on!  Leave your guesses in the comments!  And if I can get the basket pulled together this week, I’ll see if I can get a picture of your prize up before I leave on Friday.  On your mark, get set, go!


27 thoughts on “Step Right Up! Win a Prize!

  1. hmmm. I was going to say 7 until you said it was 3 gatherings, so now I’ll guess 11. of course it also depends how many friends you have/had… damn, I just missed by 20th reunion last year and there was no chance in hell I’d subject myself to that. you are a brave soul.

  2. Oh, I so want to win! I’d prefer drugs, but a relax basket will do. Now what I want to know is are you going to all three gatherings? If you get sick of people asking you if you have kids, will you bail out of the last gathering?

    I’ll say 9. A 10 year reunion is not that long. If it were longer, I’d bet more.

    P.S. My e-mail address is available through my profile & on my blog.

  3. OK, this is funny. I’ll weigh in at lucky 13, lol. You will probably not be the only childless person there, since it is just 10 years, but no doubt there will be lots of questions regardless. I went to my 10-year reunion & I was far from the only childless person there (although two girls, married right out of high school, had FOUR kids each!!), but it was certainly a hot topic of conversation. (Would you believe my (gulp) 30th will be coming up next year??) Good luck!!

  4. It’s a conversation starter and an extremely common question for people our age. I’m going with 20.

    Mom says at least 30.

    What is your response going to be? Do you have one prepared?

  5. Are you counting if the question is directed at your husband while you are off getting your second (fourth) glass of wine?

    If it’s just you? Hmmmm….I’ll go with 12. If you are counting both you and your husband, then 16.

  6. I’ll say 14. Its your ten year so it means that everyone is in their late 20’s and depending on how your community views marriage, higher education and such, some may still be finishing grad school and starting off on their career so while there may be marriages there might not be any children on the brains.

    Now I would avoid your 15th year reunion like the plague.

  7. Is too many an acceptable answer? Luckily at my 10 year, most people were not yet having kids. It pays to live in the northeast corridor sometimes…

  8. I’ll say 25. 🙂 With that many people over that many days…you’re going to get it a lot. Wish I could come up with a set of creative answers for you to give them, but I can’t. Poo!

  9. Ah, that’s going to stink. Maybe you should also have a contest for the most creative way to answer the question!
    I don’t think anyone said 17, so I’ll go with that. I didn’t even talk to that many people at my high school reunion, so I’m guessing high!

  10. Hmm…at mine I was asked about 20 times and my class was larger. So, I will say 15.

    Wishing you well. At least you’ll be able to have a few. And I suggest it. Considering – there were about 10 pregnant bellies at mine.

  11. hmmm..the number eight is jumping out at me, so i’m going to stick with it. 8 it is.
    good luck at your reunion. i wish the damned question didn’t have to be so painful. or maybe i just wish people didn’t assume the question to be innocuous. xoxo

  12. it’s only the 10 year reunion. Girls in this part of the continent are still partying – first babies are at 31 on average.
    So I’ll say 5 times.

  13. I’m going with 16. I was aiming only for 4 before I read how long you’ll be there. And if you’re counting all variations…

    Hope you have fun 🙂

  14. Hey I WON!
    Thanks for getting in touch with me – oops I didn’t check email in a while…
    Anyway, due to COD charges (yes, I’ve been red-flagged by Canada Post – apparently I am quite the online buyer) I’m going to graciously step aside with regards to the basket. That was a really nice gesture (I never win anything – so now I’m going buy lottery tickets)

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