I feel like I’m putting messages in a bottle and throwing them into the sea, hoping that there’s someone on the other side to get them.

There are 878 posts in my google reader.  There are something like 30 comments on my last post.  And yet this is all I can come up with.

Work is good.  Manly is still healing from his injury, but is doing much much better (albeit, still with massive amounts of pain medication).  Classes started back today.

Today is cycle day 1 … again.  And despite my best efforts, I couldn’t help but know that somewhere out there, the ferry crossed over to the other side without me again.  Some days you don’t even have to see it; just knowing it exists is painful enough. 

I miss you.  All of you.  I’m not reading, I’m not writing, I’m barely keeping spam cleaned out of my inbox.  I want to come back, but the time just isn’t right yet.  This extended absence has been good for me, in a way, by letting me really focus on a few choice topics.  But I miss the community, I miss seeing what you all have to say, I miss getting fresh ideas to mull over with my morning coffee.

I hope to be back soon.  And if you’ve emailed me or left a comment, I am trying very hard to get back to you, but I will not promise anything.  Be well.


17 thoughts on “Detritus

  1. Picked up your message bottle on the shore. ; ) Sorry if you’re feeling overwhelmed. I understand the need for a break now & then! You be well too! (((hugs)))

  2. Ah, so good to retrieve the bottle with the message. Funny how some bloggers blog constantly and others intermittently leaving me to relish the intermittent posts all the more. Glad you’re getting some good down time and Manly is getting better!

  3. been thinking about you. glad for a whisper of a hello from your corner of the world. take all the time you need- breaks are life savers. but know that when are ready- we will ALL be here. nothing can keep us from that! (well, except a universal internet outage or something)

  4. I know what you mean – I can’t quite step away from the computer, though I think it would be good for me. I like the company of this community, even though I’m not sure which island I’m on. I think I’m still floating in the current, watching your bottles go by…

  5. Take as long as you need for yourself. Don’t worry about the other stuff. I know it’s hard and there isn’t a lot anyone can say to make things better.

    I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and trying hard to not jump on that ferry.

  6. Sending good thoughts and encouragement your way. I think I am at the position where I am staring longly somewhere between the beach in the water. Perhaps just treading water. Some days are great and some days I see little girls in ballet tutus and my heart aches. May one day I either get that damn ferry ticket or open a Tiki bar 🙂

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