I finally got convinced to try a blog feed reader, so if I stop showing up in your stats, don’t worry, I didn’t flake out on you.  If you’re on my blogroll, you’re on my feed.


4 thoughts on “PS

  1. I was reluctant, but actually LOVE blog.lines now. My only problem is that I recognize and “know” bloggers by the look of their blog. Instead of reading the new feed from b.loglines, I click to their blog so I know exactly who I’m reading.

  2. Agree with Melissa. Tough to “recognize” from the reader page. Have to click to be sure I know who I’m reading, too.

    BTW – Did you mention Italian Chocolate Chip Cookies on the blog of a woman who is trying to lose ten more pounds??!!

    I’ll consider forgiveness so long as you share where the scrumptious little buggers can be found 😉 How many do you want shipped on over to ya? Happy to help, I am. Email with details, k?

    Does your hubby know of the phenomenon that is a Miller’s (to-die-for) cheeseburger? Good lawdy those are delicious! Yet another SE MI treasure. And hey, we deserve culinary treats such as these because it helps with the depression caused by lack of sunlight. I love it here, can you tell?

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