Planning Ahead

I haven’t been writing because I’ve been thinking. 

There are a lot of things that I want to document, but some of them are starting to hit a little closer to home than I like.  Throughout my blog, I’ve tried to focus explicitly on myself and how I feel, and not mention other people except for incidentals.  My story is mine, their’s is theirs, and that’s how it’s going to be.

So this is your fair warning: in the future, there are going to be more password protected posts showing up.  Not because I’m all that worried about anonymity (hell, you can meet me in person if you show up on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:00 at Casa Blanca’s in Huntsville — hint, hint), but because there are things that I need to talk about that involve other people who don’t have a say in this space.

If you want to read these posts you need to let me know who you are.  First off, because I’ll send you the password.  Second, because I want to make sure that you’re not someone who knows me in real life who’ll go back and repeat things that ought not be discussed.  And I need to believe that I’m discussing my issues with a trusted circle.  I need to feel safe.

Isn’t that weird?  I’ll tell total strangers things about my life, but not people who run in my circle of friends.  That’s messed up, yo.**

So anyway.  If you want the secret handshake and nifty decoder ring, either leave a comment with a valid email address or email me directly at sharahblog at gmail dot com

**Yeah, yeah.  I know game day is over, but I couldn’t resist.  If you can identify where this quote comes from, I’ll give you a cookie.  Well, a cookie recipe and then you can make your own cookie.


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