Vote or Die

No, seriously, go vote.  I mean it.  Whether or not you think that someone out there counts your vote, it’s important for you to add your voice to the discussion. 

And if you don’t vote, you never, ever get permission to complain about who you end up with in office.

 Go. Vote.


7 thoughts on “Vote or Die

  1. I should show this to my dad. He is die hard ranter, but has never registered to vote! Drives me nuts!

    I VOTE.

    And I take full advantage of my right to whine about who gets elected.

  2. Well, let’s see, the Democratic party would not allow us to vote for any write in candidates or here in Michigan, so, for the first time I did not vote. I will not support any Republican.

    I was disenfranchised through party politics – and anyone who lives in FL was as well.

    Oh, I reserve my right to whine – cause I normally always vote in regular elections. Of course, since I’m an independent, in many states, I would not be allowed to vote in either primary.

  3. I can whine too – my primary isn’t until May something. I’ll vote in it because we have a governor’s race, but I’d be real surprised if the national race is still up in the air by then.

  4. MLO, Calliope was complaining about the same thing — she’s in FL. And here in AL, you would have to pick Dems or Reps. So you get a pass as long as you promise cross your heart to vote in November (which I know you will!)

  5. I will, I will! But I can’t go until next Tuesday. Do you think they’d look at me strangely if I showed up at the polling place before they were ready and said, “Sharah told me to vote.”

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