Thank you all for the good wishes!  The interview(s) went well.  I ended up speaking to three different people and the HR folks — it was almost 3 hours before I left!  My friend-of-a-friend who recommended me told the people I was talking to that I was the ONE they needed to hire, and I’ve been asked to come back for a second round of interviews with the next level up of management.  I’m pretty sure I’ll get a job there, but it might take a few weeks.  The jobs that I’m being interviewed for all sound fun, and the folks I talked to all said that they love working there, so I’m excited.

And just to make you all jealous, I took Manly to the mall to help me pick out a suit.  The boy actually has really good taste, and won’t let me buy anything that doesn’t actually look good on me (even when I’m ready to buy something just so that I can get out and go home).  He actually picked out the suit I wore, and I felt loved all over all afternoon 🙂


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