Two Things

1.  To my braces bunch secret santa: thank you so much for the lovely present!  It arrived last night, and I ripped into it.  It’s going inside my bag as soon as I get home to be a daily reminder of all the people in my life who love and support me. 

2. Which leads to: I’m in Washington DC this week.  So WAITT members, I won’t be at dinner this Weds.  It is Wednesday, right?  If it’s next week, I’ll be there.  On the other hand, I am going to have dinner with the some of the wonderful, fabulous DC ladies: Mel from Stirrup Queens and Lindsay from Looking for 2 Lines.  Aren’t you all jealous?  If you’re in the area and want to come, let me or Mel know and we’ll give you the time and place.  Well, Mel will give you the time and place or I will forward you Mel’s email with the time and place.


11 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. I’m so sorry I’m going to miss you tonight. I work in Baltimore, so an evening trip to DC (thanks to rush hour traffic) would take nearly 2 hours. Please know I would have loved to be there to meet you!

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