For Christmas, I got my husband a car payment 🙂

Actually, last Saturday Manly decided he wanted to buy a car.  Not just any car, but one specific individual car that was put up by a dealer in Chicago.  In the last four days, he got a loan, got a flight, bought a car, and drove it home.  So we’ve been just a little bit busy around here.  But in honor of our new baby, I figured I would bend one of my own rules and put a personal picture up here.  I’ll take this down tomorrow or the next day, just to preserve privacy, but you regulars can get a glimpse of me during the first time I drove the new car.

[*poof* — sorry, the picture had to go.  But the car is really nice, I promise!]

Bringing the point of this back around to infertility: I took a test before we signed the loan papers, just in case. 


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