Closing in on the end of Game Day

So back during NaBloPoHell, I put up a whole big post of Game Day questions.  Unfortunately, it got buried the next day under the following post.  We’re nearing the end of the year, and the Game Day standings are really close, so I wanted to re-post the questions that are still outstanding.  All questions are worth 5 points unless otherwise noted.  Leave your answer in the comments, unless you’re emailing me a cornbread recipe. 

  1. Which greek goddess is associated with the C.hi O.mega fraternity? Dcfullest
  2. What is the difference between a women’s fraternity and a women’s sorority?
  3. Email me your favorite cornbread recipe — sharahblog AT gmail DOT com. (5 for every person who does so)
  4. Quote: “It’s a trick – get an axe!” Name the movie.
  5. Name the Heroes actor recently cast for the upcoming Star Trek, and the role they will be playing.
  6. What type of alcohol is traditionally packaged with a worm in the bottle?  Dcfullest
  7. When is National Bicarbonate of Soda Day celebrated?  Dcfullest
  8. At what temperature should a steak be removed from the grill to ensure it is medium-rare when served?
  9. How many leaves does a shamrock have?
  10. Do you need to cut down daylilies in the fall, or can they stay green all winter if the weather permits?
  11.  Who wrote Fight Club?
  12.  What seven states can be seen from within Rock City?
  13.  Get your picture made sitting in Santa’s lap and post it on your blog (50 points to every person who does so — you must comment on this post with the link).
  14. Who pushed Fry into the freeze chamber and set the timer for a thousand years?
  15. How can you quickly tell whether pearls are real or fake? Dcfullest
  16. How can you tell whether green Depression glass is authentic or a reproduction? Dcfullest
  17. Name the character who died “from an aneurism … mid-backstroke!”
  18. Quote: “R: I might have gone a different way.  P (responding): True of us all.”  Name the movie.
  19.  Which two Final Fantasy IX characters shared a love connection?
  20.  What is the Nissan 300Z called in Japan?

I just updated the Game Day standings on the page at the top.  So you can see where you are in relation to everyone else, and if you want to pick up some last minute points there are some standing points opportunities there open to everyone.  Just follow the links to go back to the original posts for all the details.

One last administrative note: At some point around Sept/Oct when I was looking at what my next steps should be, someone mentioned in the comments about me using a decision tree/decision analysis.  I arbitrarily awarded that person 25 points for use of an engineering concept in real life, and now I can’t find the post or the comment, and I don’t remember who it was!  So if I owe you 25 points (and I know I do), please let me know who you are.  Found it! 


4 thoughts on “Closing in on the end of Game Day

  1. I don’t need points, I’m just killing time surfing blogs, and found your request for cornbread. I don’t see where to email you? If you don’t want the recipe (and trust me, you do, I’m from GA, and my people from South Carolina, my grandmother KNOWS cornbread) left here, you could email me for it…

  2. I’m guessing the sorority and fraternity difference is hazing?? Actually I believe one is work related and the other social/volunteer? Shamrocks – three (unless you happen to find the luck four leaf variety). sheesh. I’m barely going to make it on the board. tough questions you pose!

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