Counting down.

I am counting down until next Friday, when my vacation begins.

From that, I hope you can guess how my day has been.

5 thoughts on “Counting down.

  1. OK! Here is my try, hope it’s still on time!

    2. The word Fraternity comes from the Greek word “phrater,” meaning brother, sister, or clan. “Soro,” the source word for sorority, is Latin and means sister. The word sorority did not come into usage until the late 1800s and groups founded before that time are called women’s fraternities. Today the term “sorority” is used to distinguish women’s groups from men’s groups.
    4. Army of Darkness
    5. Nichelle Nichols
    8. 130F (54C)
    9. Three
    11. Chuck Palahniuk
    12. No need to cut them back.
    13. Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia
    14. He wasn’t pushed, it was an accident. He fell over backwards into the cryogenic chamber and it automatically froze him for 1000 years.
    17. Julie Dwyer
    18. Richard B. Riddick from the movie The Chronicles of Riddick
    19. Freya and Fratley
    20. Fairlady (Nissan Fairlady ZX0

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