Update for a friend

Confidential to WAITT: S’s scan yesterday showed TWINS!  Measuring right on target, heartbeats around 125.  Nurse “C” told her that her official due date was mid-July, but with two, they should expect a birthdate around late May or early June.  S told me that she told C about having dinner with us, and C asked if it was the WAITT group — so we’re making some progress there!

To everyone else, sorry about that cryptic message.  It’s a person who attends our local meetings who just finished IVF with Dr. Local, but she doesn’t have a blog and asked me to pass the message along.  Just chalk it up as another infertile who has FINALLY made it to the other side.


6 thoughts on “Update for a friend

  1. Hi Sharah–thanks for your comment on my blog. Very interesting that IF levels have remained relatively stable. Must be that we’re just talking about it more now, and technologies have increased so that it sounds like it’s more prevalent these days.

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