Bloggy Birth Story

My blog’s birth story is probably similar to a whole lotta other folks out there.  Once we hit the 6-month mark, I started getting a little worried.  Googlyed “infertility” or some synonym of it, and Julie’s blog popped up.  I went through her archives, and then started the big ol’ list of blogs she had on her site.  For the next year, lurking was all I could do.  I was slipping further and further into despair with each month that passed, but I couldn’t bring myself to accept the infertility label.  After all, it had only been 6 months/1 year/1 year of ovulatory cycles/1 cycle of clomid — I was sure to get pg soon, right?

It was January of this year when I finally got up the courage to start this blog.  I had livejournaled for about a year, but those posts were (and are) far too personal and revealing.  As in, no anyonymity.  So I copied everything related to IF over here, and you can see my journey towards infertility in those first few posts.  Even when I started seeing the RE, I was still worried that I would get pg any day now and have egg on my face.  I mean, how embarrassing would it be to start an IF blog, and then turn up pg?  Not something that I wanted to do.  But a year, and still no baby, later, we all know how that turned out. 

This blog has been my outlet, my place to vent and wonder and cry and laugh and get all the IF-related woes out of my head and onto the ether.  It’s been my connection to all of you who can give me advice from the trenches and commiserate with my pain.  I don’t think I would have made it this far without it, and without you, to keep me going.


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