Exams, Redux

So I took my prelim exam this morning for my PhD.  I didn’t study for them at all.  I think I passed two sections, but I didn’t even attempt the third.  I looked at it, and realized that the questions were based off of a course that I never took.  I ran into the department chair as I was leaving and explained to him that when I took the course, it was taught with a different syllabus.  His reply: “Ah, yes.  I remember that now.  I guess you’re just paying for our past mistakes.”  He was referring to the issues the department had with the instructor who taught me.  She taught an excellent course, but it wasn’t the course that needed to be taught.  So now I’m going to borrow the textbook that they’re using now and just re-take the exam this spring. 

And as I told Manly, if I can’t pass that stupid exam in two tries, I just won’t bother with the PhD at all.  My decision might be made for me (or some people might say that I’m subconsciously making a decision that I can’t verbalize).


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