Whole Lotta House Points

Okay, as promised, a big fat list of Game Day points opportunities.  They’re a mix of trivia, questions related to my personal interests, and googly treasure hunting.  All questions are worth 5 points each unless otherwise noted — #3 and #13 are open to everyone, not just the first person who answers.  Good luck and have fun!

  1. Which greek goddess is associated with the C.hi O.mega fraternity?
  2. What is the difference between a women’s fraternity and a women’s sorority?
  3. Email me your favorite cornbread recipe — sharahblog AT gmail DOT com. (5 for every person who does so)
  4. Quote: “It’s a trick – get an axe!” Name the movie.
  5. Name the Heroes actor recently cast for the upcoming Star Trek, and the role they will be playing.
  6. What type of alcohol is traditionally packaged with a worm in the bottle?
  7. When is National Bicarbonate of Soda Day celebrated?
  8. At what temperature should a steak be removed from the grill to ensure it is medium-rare when served?
  9. How many leaves does a shamrock have?
  10. Do you need to cut down daylilies in the fall, or can they stay green all winter if the weather permits?
  11.  Who wrote Fight Club?
  12.  What seven states can be seen from within Rock City?
  13.  Get your picture made sitting in Santa’s lap and post it on your blog (50 points to every person who does so — you must comment on this post with the link).
  14. Who pushed Fry into the freeze chamber and set the timer for a thousand years?
  15. How can you quickly tell whether pearls are real or fake?
  16. How can you tell whether green Depression glass is authentic or a reproduction?
  17. Name the character who died “from an aneurism … mid-backstroke!”
  18. Quote: “R: I might have gone a different way.  P (responding): True of us all.”  Name the movie.
  19.  Which two Final Fantasy IX characters shared a love connection?
  20.  What is the Nissan 300Z called in Japan?

2 thoughts on “Whole Lotta House Points

  1. 1. demeter
    2. I think it seems to be a matter of when they are founded. Sorority is a newer word and older organizations are called fraternities.
    3. My grandma’s recipe (which I can no longer eat after I saw how much fat she puts in it):
    Mix equal parts cornmeal and flour, add enough water to make it thoroughly wet. Put a load of crisco in your casted iron pan. Fry spoonfuls until golden and crispy.
    6. Mezcal
    7. Dec 30th
    9. 4
    13. I wish I could do this one. We have a hillarious one with my sister and I– we are smiling happily, Santa looks absolutely terrifed!
    15. Run them across your teeth, real ones feel gritty
    16. It glows under a blacklight.

    Thanks for giving me something to do with my insomnia!

  2. I will so have to work on the Santa one! Does opening a box of jiffy count as making cornbread? 😉 Ok, off to go avoid drinking my worm that resides in my bottle of tequila.

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