I WILL persevere

I’m not giving up on this NaBloMoPo thing yet.  I’ve been up since 3:53 this morning, drove to Atlanta, had a 3 1/2 hour meeting, drove home, and now I’m headed to class.  But before I go, I’ve got a Game Day question for you (think of it as a preview for tomorrow’s fun):

B: “What’s that smell?”
L: “That’s 5:00 am.  Let’s go.”

That’s what I was thinking as I left my house this morning as o’dark thirty.  Speaking of which, 4:30 am is quite refreshing. 

Title of the movie for 10 points to the first commenter — I’ll check back in the morning, so you have all night to rack your brains for the answer.  Have fun!


7 thoughts on “I WILL persevere

  1. While I normally groove on the early morning calm…I like it best when I wake up on my own to enjoy vs. having to be somewhere. Hoping this comment arrives while you’re sound asleep…

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