Unveiling the Game Day Prize

It occurred to me last night that I never posted what the prize for the Game Day contest winner would be — and that might be important to some of you. 

So  … *imagine me whipping a big red cloth off the top off the table and trumpets flaring in the background*…  TA-DAAA!

The Game Day prize is going to be a Comfort from Crowjoy!  I “met” CJ online a few years back on a message board we both frequent.  She is truly a wise woman who always seems to know exactly what advice is best for the situation.  I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this, but she and her partner had a passing brush with infertility treatment — it’s hard for two women to make babies without some assisstance, if you get what I’m saying (I don’t want to get into details here because that is her and her family’s story to tell).

Now because a Comfort is a hard idea to visualize, I’m going to show what my own personal Comfort looked like when it arrived:

Front: Woman walking across a bridge 
DSCF0020.jpg picture by sharahblog  

Back: Figure chasing swans (sorry about the photo)
   DSCF0024.jpg picture by sharahblog  

Inside: a little girl wearing butterfly wings, nestled in a puff of feathers and jewels.
 DSCF0028.jpg picture by sharahblog

Much of what CJ wrote to me, and was included with the physical Comfort, addressed my problems with feeling uncomfortable in changing my perceptions of myself.  That it wasn’t so much infertility that was causing me pain, as it was my own response to it.  The physical Comfort was a manifestation, a symbol, that I could use as a touchstone to work with my mental distress.  Yours, of course, will be tailored to your own needs.  It will be as different from mine as you are from me.

So the way this is going to work is that at the end of the year, December 31, I will count up all the points awarded since I started GD.  The winner will be announced, and I’ll put her into contact with CJ.  The process I went through with my Comfort was that I then wrote down my story for CJ in my own words and emailed it to her with my intention.  She then does her thing, and within a few weeks I got my lovely Comfort, tailored to my problem, with CJ’s words of wisdom and instruction included.  Of course, once I put the winner in touch with CJ, I will step out of the process and the details will be worked out between them. 

I keep the quasi-current Game Day standings on the page marked as such (look on top of the header), so you can always check the leaderboard.  There are a few ongoing points opportunities listed there and you can always jump in late to the game.  Hmmm.  What do you think about a massive Game Day question post for Friday?  I’m thinking a whole post of questions with various point opportunities — does that sound like fun for Friday?  Or maybe an online “treasure hunt” where you have to find things using your google-ability?  I think I’m going to enjoy this 🙂


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